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 "I don't know. "She amused, but also reveals a wry smile. "Maybe I was determined,
 Ancient dry face bright red,where to get cheap fake beats by dre, quickly returned to his hand. "Royal-"
 "A woman other than for his beloved man, how could also make such a sacrifice? I'm just
 It dies not answer but don't get flamed with shame of face.
 "My brother was a good man, if you can, he'll take care of your life and never forget. "Ring-kuei
 Central Royal yizheng, Leng, watching her.
 Ancient dry but has so far said, she looked around the magnificent residence, quiet account: "no matter what
 "Because if you leave, I won't protect you. "Ancient limp back, gazing at the ring-kuei
Beautiful charming face. "Whatever happens, nothing can get out of here, even if his Majesty to date
 Ring-kuei suddenly jumped up, his face covered with panic. "You can't be serious! Not so fast! You
... ... "
 Chapter 7th
 "I was wrong. "Ancient dry head,where to get cheap fake beats by dre, cinnabar red color in front of her wiggling. "Was I wrong
 Forbidden City rumors, tense atmosphere different from a few days ago.
 People talked and worried about their alleys, Gates gathered slowly in the direction of the crowd, look closely
Look, many people fleeing their families prepared to carry home!
Procurement of the crowd, and the air was filled with the smoke of an exotic flavor.
 Business is slow for many, the bridge is gone under storytelling, the markets still open, but only a little
 "Everyone in a hurry where to go? "Gu Xianyu asked curiously. She sees the coming and going of the carriage, and
 Going to the West,where to get cheap fake beats by dre, and sure enough, and with the preparation of the temple before the town God's temple, just people's faces
Less smile, got worried.
 Most people wouldn't want to leave the capital, they have a traitor does not play here, feeling that King
Imminent death of the message itself is not very large, but they will be in a panic,where to get cheap fake beats by dre, you fear,where to get cheap fake beats by dre,
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