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  Discerning eye everyone knows, that's because He Zhili in the 39th world table tennis championships against "balls", won the women's Singles Champion, has already made China table tennis team leader has a crooked nose. If consent He Zhili in the Olympics, He Zhili will get the gold medal, it will embarrass the leadership of the Chinese table tennis team is ... ... Therefore, the "first rule out"
  However, Zhang Xielin categorically denied this.
  He Zhili, was perfectly logical. But they did not tell the truth, and so he had to look for technical reasons, in order to cover up from the public.
  Zhang Xielin said very clearly:
  Zhang Xielin set out his strategic thinking:
  "Olympic losers of the candidate country concerned,where to get cheap beats by dre studio, why we coach individual scores above the national career? Those He Zhili lost ball-related report is not objective. Surprise is the magic weapon for victory of the Chinese table tennis team for many years, newcomers are determined, the deal when I enabled the second Zeng Xuelin. "Zeng Xuelin referred to ① Zhang Xielin, former head coach of Chinese football team, resigned because of the Chinese football team lost.
  If Guan Jianhua, and guaranteed to beat Liang Yingzi?
  Sany list insider
  Especially lively debate about He Zhili in the Olympics. The controversy,where to get cheap beats by dre studio, mixed in with two subjects:
  Technically, debate and argue from personal relationships.
  Shanghai newspapers virtually one-sided, all support He Zhili. A leader in Shanghai, even stepped in to call the National Sports Commission, want to be able to come back again,where to get cheap beats by dre studio, Olympians He Zhili in the list.
  Newspapers, of course, supports the decision of the Chinese table tennis team in Beijing, but also a different sound.
  Guangzhou yangcheng evening news, then for "first excludes" support He Zhili.
  Newspapers everywhere are joining this war,where to get cheap beats by dre studio.
  National He Zhili as "hot chRelated Articles:
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