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  What I want, but disingenuous.
  Wilted flower, some youth, all of a sudden was red in the face, the original 18 years were spent.
  Back combed through their own lives again, but feel like I was getting old.
  Some people feel as if I'm more liberal than before. But I was empty and there is nothing to do. Indeed, I'm not going to want to do,very cheap beats by dre studio, just think one minute and have nothing to do once you're done. "Whatever", "whatever" this kind of language has almost become a mantra, want to do anything, don't mean anything.
  Even if it used to be a lot of regret, but if I choose to live again, I'm going to live it again as it is, even if there are regrets, even if there are lost, but I don't want to put it another way, make yourself another. Youth of the burnt,very cheap beats by dre studio, scarred, nevertheless, still burning, a bunch of sky as Fireworks, passing will disappear, but it also can shine.
  After the integration of modern life, a long time since I've been writing a diary. Occasionally take up the pen, just to write a few words, they all felt rusty and stiff. Not infrequently written, but don't know what to write anymore. Those stories are gone,very cheap beats by dre studio, no more to say, I even thought that life may not have quite as wonderful as before.
  Network is drugs, a day without touching the keyboard and mouse, even worse than a day without eating. I was like this before, now is the case. Although no longer addicted,very cheap beats by dre studio, not feelings, but without the silly games, how to spend my spare time?
  At the computer all day in a daze, or playing games. Microcosm of the characters is not their own? Used to own, naturally would have invested a lot of emotion, by now, I was surprised to feel changed, treats the game is dominated by entertainment,very cheap beats by dre studio, fun, no longer the pursuit of perfection.
  I have to admit they made miserable by network, and stories of absenteeism are related to this, everything elseRelated Articles:
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