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......" I looked at the Mitsuishi Bento, three stone take the hint and hurried meals up to me.
銆�銆�"Department of architecture sophomore a girl ... ..."
銆�銆�"Ah, something popular you play now Faye Wong TSE, ' love '"
銆�銆�"No, no, just, please, help me to inquire about" three stone quibble.
銆�銆�"Ink-Sub-" you and I meant every word of the text said, I got it wrong.
銆�銆�Shocked, I didn't know brother is calm on the surface, it is actually in the simmering, and the target is Zeng Zi ink.
銆�銆�But don't people short, brother just bribe me a Bento, I can't immediately spurred him on.
銆�銆�"Yeah,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, my trustee to help you ask,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, beatiful Asian! "I bite a mouth meat.
銆�銆�Fair theory and I think brother little hope, inking such a conceited girl famous girl in school, after her no one battalion had a company.
Jay "incomparable" concert will be staged at wutaishan Stadium on the last day of the year. Posters were pasted with school in every corner.
銆�銆�TV, radio station bombed every day, the city lying on the video store to buy Jay Chou's latest album of the Qi Li Xiang, "you suddenly say to me, Qi Li Xiang has a beautiful name ... ...", I have to marvel at the Taiwan King ultra-want popularity.
銆�銆�Yan Zhang is the biggest fan of Jay Chou, from the Jay Chou album of the same name to the latest of the seven mile fragrance,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, and succumbed to sing every song Yan Zhang. Heard accounts immerse, and I started listening to Jay's songs, although sometimes not hear him clearly what he was whining, but the feeling was good.
銆�銆�Fare was very clear on the poster, the worst ticket 180 yuan, then the 280,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, 380, 880 is the most expensive. I called booking the waitress told me that 180 student tickets are sold out, there are few 280 votes. Two tickets for the 280 but I live on less than a month.
銆�銆�Jay Chou's concert Yan Zhang nature is not to be missed, and concerts that also happened to be her birthday,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, I'm trying to figure out whether you shouldRelated Articles:
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