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  Now 25 years old,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, Chen Gang, to be a child's father is not prepared for it.
  Once, he felt that being a father is a distant thing. However, the hunghung surprising decisions,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, so that it became a reality. When he saw the photograph when Qian Qian, Qian Qian was still a baby in swaddling clothes. A pair of reaching for his hands, so he was a little sad feel envious at the sight of sth. thermal: this is Chen Gang he's flesh and blood, which is her daughter!
  倩 倩 's cute. In line with his imaginary little girl image. Smart, clever, thoughtful. Certainly wayward, delicate, inherited lots of Mommy's features. At the same time, Qian Qian also strong, sensitive, fond of sports – running around enjoying every day. Chen Gang's shadow.
  A Dim, subconscious,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, a role so distant now, right in front of him. He and rainbow trout, rainbow trout, there is no legal marriage. But this is not important, important is that he loves her, and love her birth child, and what he knew he had to do for her and the baby.
  Chen Gang ate every day, will hold 倩 倩 to walk downstairs. He found 倩 倩 likes listening to his story. So he will excavate memories of every fairy tale,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, tell her to listen.
  Chen Gang was unexpected: Qian Qian smarter than he expected. Not only does she understand and fate often characters move. The rabbit being eaten by a Wolf, Qian Qian will pucker your mouth the day's upset, still hasn't heard the end of it, don't listen. Snow White wicked Queen framed, Qian Qian eyes weep. After Cinderella meet Prince charming,tradetang cheap monster beats headphones, Qian Qian will release a happy glow in her eyes.
  Chen Gang has seen an increasing number of rainbow trout, Rainbow in her shadow.
  However, he does not want their daughter like her mother. Hunghung character is very vulnerable. Chen Gang knows that many of her pain and sorrow was caused by Chen Gang. But fundamenRelated Articles:
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