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. Didn't ask you, do you love me?
  He did not dare to call me. Afraid of being found out.
  Downstairs is a dense collection of people.
  In the dark I hear the sound monitor was anxious. Collection of movies on a Saturday night, it was a great event in Squadron, number collection would have to be counted in each class,tour beats by dre fakes vs real, a no child left behind.
  The seat I was sitting in the school auditorium, a beam of white light beam went over my head, according to the front on a white screen.
  Movie begins.
  I saw Beijing's streets, the familiar streets, buildings, sky and trees. See kid kite on Tiananmen Square. I was supposed to be in,tour beats by dre fakes vs real, I don't know why, even got here. Strange city, the strange dialect, completely different values. Only far from Beijing who only know how to miss the taste of the city.
  I found Yang small sitting in my place nearby, just a man in the middle. I immediately felt blush, if there's a crack, I'll run through it, disappearing forever in this school. Forever.
  He gradually took control of me, frequently with my date, and control of my money. I do not know what's going on, someone gently in a Word,tour beats by dre fakes vs real, I was hooked, in fact, I'd rather not have the transfer. Yang small easily confiscated my allowance each month down, I did not see anything wrong.
  Darker corner of the classroom, tiresome.
  Nightmare in the face into two faces. Sometimes the man sitting in the tradition, sometimes small Yang.
  Man she remembered that guy whose, he said similar things.
  In school uniform, didn't wear plain clothes, did not feel he had a lot of beauty. Back to Beijing for the summer holiday,tour beats by dre fakes vs real, should be free to wear the clothes, only to find Yang small beauty who turned out to be a woman.
  Summer returns to Beijing, I feel for Yang small change, in a closed environment, there are a lot of things we haven't gone through,tour beats by dre fakes vs real, now back in Beijing, when I go out to play with, only to find YangRelated Articles:
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