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  At the time, China's table tennis women's team has seven senior generals are eligible to participate in the Olympic Games, namely: He Zhili, and Jiao Zhimin,orange beats by dre cheap, and Dai Lili, and Li Huifen, and Geng Lijuan, and Guan Jianhua, and Chen Jing.
  In all of these seven people, Geng Lijuan, Guan Jianhua have already retired, so only choose three of the five people in the rest of the people.
  As the world women's tennis number one seeds, He Zhili with full confidence, thought it a matter of course to enter the Olympic entry list.
  Among the three men, He Zhili – Jiao Zhimin 25 years younger, Dai Lili 24 and a half years, He Zhili less than 24 years old.
  In addition, He Zhili years senior to Li Huifen, Chen Jing only very young, just turned 20 years old.
  "Table tennis's big three," explained He Zhili unsuccessful
  Letter from has been convulsed by He Zhili, in July 1988, suddenly not heard from.
  Is busy getting ready for the competition the Olympics, right? I do not know how she got it.
  In other words, Chen replaced He Zhili!
  This message is too surprising,orange beats by dre cheap!
  Of course, He Zhili be, or is it just the initial message.
  On July 22, in Beijing and Vice-Chairman of the Chinese table tennis Association met on through Chen Jing,orange beats by dre cheap, not He Zhili's decision.
  As the Deputy Chairman of the Chinese table tennis association, and Sun Meiying were present at the meeting. Although Sun Meiying on as He Zhili and strive to, but no support for Sun Meiying.
  At the meeting, Wang Chuanyao, qiuzhonghui noted that, rookie Chen Jing replaced Zhang Xielin enabled the first seed He Zhili, visionary, but under pressure.
  Due to China's table tennis team decides on the list of Olympic Games He Zhili, so when the women's team went to camp in Dandong,orange beats by dre cheap, LiaoningRelated Articles:
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