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  On another table, dinner is eating hot and spicy Chongqing hot pot, everybody's heart is like a pot boiling, talking about female boss is hot and spicy. They hear Yu Meina wasn't just good business is, in that respect, and now that it's all night, not for man to sleep.
  "Ah – ha ha –"
  Table comedy, laughs almost upset hot pot. They too quickly, "bang as the Bang as" desperately banging on the table, I couldn't wait to dive into the hot pot Shabu Shabu spot.
  "Her, she's done for me! "Zhang Haotian sitting in a taxi," and 100,new beats by dre studio review,000 dollars, lucky money! Or didn't fall. "He did not know how, then $ 100,000, have long since been fucking was returned to them after an uproar. In the midst of this battle, big fish not only unharmed, but also intended to pay back the money. Big fish once said, she's a predestined people with money.
  All of this, Zhang Haotian, of course, no way to know. Even his mother was blue moon varnish the wedge and run to the companies do not know to make a scene. From a small company was named Secretary of the Rainbow after sent out, he hit a taxi in front of the building, ready to catch some big fish home to get my stuff. Hear the little Rainbow tone, big fish hide themselves,new beats by dre studio review, but also has shown the meaning.
  Zhang Haotian in a taxi and heard the song,new beats by dre studio review, I want us to be together, big fish often play this song in the car,new beats by dre studio review, now sounds to feel sentimental. "' I want us to be ' Oh, obviously what she wanted, she didn't want to stop. "Sadly he had tears streaming down, no one can understand his feelings at the moment.
  Part IV she floated away (2)
  Zhang Haotian met Pan Xiaowei at the residence hall beRelated Articles:
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