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When the bus passed by a hospital, he accidentally saw Yin Rou from walking out of the hospital, was not far behind with a middle-aged man wearing a mirror, it looks like Zhen Yingjie.
He thought for a long time, take out your cell phone, with Yin Rou had sent a message: Dear, I see your back suddenly thought: falling in love with you at first sight, all round you,new beats by dre executive, every two or three days to come to you, nobody to kiss you,new beats by dre executive, get you within five days,new beats by dre executive, separated for 60 years!
Hou Dao Shang and soft so ask him, went back again: what do you think? I say where I am now? I said, you won't believe it!
After a minute or two, his cell phone rang, is Yin Rou gave him back the information: freak, go home for so long not to contact me. Where are you now? You still at home?
Yin Rou returned: where were you? Not here with me, right?
Hou Dao went back: one moment you are welcomed, but not now. Okay, I have something,new beats by dre executive, go back!
Yin Rou returned: you return to Beijing? Why didn't you tell me? Gave me a delicious local or not,new beats by dre executive?
Hou Dao looks at, it will shut off. He knew Yin Rou with Zhen Yingjie together, too many links, caused her embarrassment and inconvenience.
Hou Dao came home, turned on my computer took a closer look at, check the hard disk storage of the workpiece. When he was busy, the phone rang.
"Which one? You heartless, my message, you won't return! "Island of no waiting to figure out who someone is, Yin Rou madao over on the phone.
"Oh, Ah! You are together with the guy, how inconvenient and send me a message! I'm looking out for you! "He needed soft and called him on the phone, quickly replied with a smile.
"What, you sound sour! Get home for sucRelated Articles:
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