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  "No". "Light of Kai's lips with a touch of embarrassment of ruoyouruowu. Themselves in this school for three years,monster beats headphones for cheap, but did not found that there is such a place.
  "The roof came. Don't you find? "See nangong feather phyl upright backs don't feel relaxed, like a lost child had finally found her mother there, giving him a touch of comfort and quiet smile.
  "Is it? How did you get here? "Phyl, bewildering Big-eyed, innocent, blink, blink, and stars a little bit, like a naughty blossom fairy.
  "To your business. "South Gong Yu sound of a muffled, somewhat unnatural look in the other place. He was looking at her going so fast, a bit worried, follows her to get here ... ...
  Nangong feather in a daze watching her. Deep eyes motionless.
  "Oh ... ..." contrary to Lin Feier did not pursue. As exquisite as jade face kicked up quietly,monster beats headphones for cheap, eyes slightly closed eyes as the stars, relaxed feeling the wind gently brushed her cheek.
  Tiny hyacinths field,monster beats headphones for cheap, float and brim with a touch of flowers everywhere.
  Naughty breeze brush her soft hair, swirl float in the air. Occasional strands of hair straying South Gong Yu nasal polyps, a taste of fresh and warm.
  "Teacher ... ... T student interaction? "A very light very light noise from floating out of the lips of the South Gong Yu. He looked cool clear nights, like stars, beautiful sights firmly locked on her beautiful moist look.
  Shower only two people still belong to their quiet and comfortable,monster beats headphones for cheap.
  Mention of Lin Fei looked at him. River of tranquil countenance, like Alan, the surprisingly calm.
  "Yes, no. "She smiled at, deep black eyes surging undercurrent of people can not understand. Clear with a little bit of sadness.
  "You're 17 years old,monster beats headphones for cheap, not like other teachers, no? "His limpid eyes filled with fragile ice, is an obstinate and many eyes.
  "No way! "Only a few solitary stars twinkling in the sky in her eyes, glowiRelated Articles:
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