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。 While wearing the so-called dress thing, but congregate in Spain students always felt exotic
Say is not clear.
The quite terrible, this different atmosphere makes me feel great sense of belongingness, is vanity or not myself
  Father me $ 100 a month for living expenses, paid 60 dollars for College to eat to live, there is $ 40
You can help me, then Spain living low level of running $ 40 more than offset the supermarket for a full, then
Real fur coats are just $ 60 can buy one.
  Madrid has several great great department stores, clothing, but coffin did not sell, other
There, the place was supposed to be a real eye-opener,monster beats by dre studio warranty, but I was young and didn't care about anything, and after class
Threw the book,monster beats by dre studio warranty, sit underground to department stores to run,monster beats by dre studio warranty, get on the elevator, out of that layer must be a ladies section,
Silly too, but not the young people themselves is the brilliance, where required, clothes to set off.
  That night is the dorm Windows down singing a love song,monster beats by dre studio warranty, in which there was a man named EC
HO of the Chinese girl, I expect to be spoiled lost his head, submerged in a balcony, soak in the moonlight. Remember my romance
A speck of the world.
And the fall is the devil, ideal for young qingming gradually faded, I became a daze of happiness
  Youthful sweet and charming but now in retrospect is still not totally negative,monster beats by dre studio warranty, although I was a department store
Si Li regulars and the laity. Better relations with department stores began in that year.
  Shop still has a small shop atmosphere and beautiful, but for the sake of convenience always likes to linger in the Department store
And take them away, leaving uncertain, also find it laughable to other pursuits of life, but of pure substances
Desire comes real, this department store is best able to satisfy my craving and emptiness.
  Later, I went to West Berlin to study languages, the Germans seriously, sentiment lost a
Le. Time switch far enough, eat Related Articles:
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