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 "Know it! "Athena Chu spit spit tongue, playing a face other secretly all the kids laughed.
 End muqiu still don't know how to react, he didn't expect Athena Chu invited him to dinner place would
Is an orphanage!
 When he first came, he really thought it was a joke, so lively and attractive girl Athena Chu said nothing
May be born in the orphanage! But when she sees children closeness to her hospital's appearance, and the Dean
See spoil smile on her face, but he had to believe! At this place, Zhu
"Young people humility is a virtue. Unlike Athena Chu, anxious impatience impatient for her to do anything without any virtue
 "Anything! "Athena Chu immediately protested:" who says I'm impatient? I was desperate to find good!
 Zhu Yindu lips, face still defiant. "Dean, like other parents, always the others
'S kids better. "Old Dean him a glance. "Yes! I'd rather be with you or get ten
 "It's too late! "Athena Chu a playful smile. "Now I am too old, no one wants such an old small
 "So a little disappointed. "The President should choose eyebrow road.
 "Yes! It is a pity that Oh! "Athena Chu wrinkle noses, cute smile –" Dean every time I see
 End this autumn smiled, looking at them like,monster beats by dr. dre tour headphones review, hard not to remember that once the orphanage
Do one thing,monster beats by dr. dre tour headphones review?
Some day--why he had so much hate,monster beats by dr. dre tour headphones review? Become an orphan really Groove
 Lost original families are always regrettable, but watching Athena Chu that cheerful air, he
Think it was not so bad--after the meal, the President and the rest of the children standing in the entrance to the Court
Wave goodbye to them, and has a beautiful smile on everyone's face-"very surprising, right? "Athena Chu
 "Are thinking about. "Autumn Duanmu nodded; she was extremely curious about all of a sudden. "When you come to orphans
 "Home? "Athena Chu smiled. "Originally I was not home,monster beats by dr. dre tour headphones review, my mother is a homeless woman,
At the age of eight years ago, and as far as I remember,monster beats by dr. dre tour headphones review, is on the streets. "His Related Articles:
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