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... ... "pretty waiting Island prevented him to carry the box, defiantly over his eye, quickly replied.
"What's wrong with my workers? "Hou Dao quickly put Bowl in his hand on the table,michael jackson beats by dre review, go and grab cute collar said. He came home and worked for a few days, the skin Sun-black, not wearing a pair of glasses,michael jackson beats by dre review, migrant workers like kind, but hes not a pretty dismissive eye, can't stand from the hot mouth with a strong stigma "migrant worker" two words, just enough rushing to hit pretty.
Hou Dao suddenly angry, fist it on pretty, his nose was bleeding.
"How come? Want to fight? Let me tell you, I have practiced martial arts for many years. You still get your dirty hands, lest my clothes being further contaminated now! "Pretty very arrogantly said.
After a pretty beat and shouted at him: "don't you dare hit me! You got it. "Say, rushed up and fight him. Xiaoshuai believes that he slightly higher than Marquis Island, island of strength rather than waiting, dark and thin dark and thin like a laborer waiting island is no match for him.
"Blood, his body heaving,michael jackson beats by dre review, not beaten uncomfortable! I had to hit him! "Hou Daotou without any net looked at pretty cold.
Pretty unconvinced, drums, and Hou Dao attempts to hand-mixed, but after a struggle, aware of can't fight Hou Dao, then abandoned the "bucket", with his head down, put on a look of innocent fraud. In his view, his sister, he assumed a look of being bullied, Hou Dao was never going to beat him again!
These words, Hou Dao I let pretty hands.
Marquis Island no longer ignore him,michael jackson beats by dre review, he finished his bowl of noodles into the kitchen, and then walked into the room and took a pair of pajamas, got into the bathroom,michael jackson beats by dre review, the shower going.
After Hou Dao toilet, Di Lili anger and worry, just two people fighting, one from her boyfriend, and one from her adult brother Chu. According to common sense, these two men together is very little chance of the fight, but her brother Xiaoshuai was self-Related Articles:
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