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. "The busy noise. Qian Youji, but to ask Zhao Hongsheng, Tang Hailong talk back.
  Tang Hailong, spirit is long, will be old too, then back to the old House, where special people, external shouting: "drive the forklift to rip out the House. "Money by the base, they had no choice. Watch day like the day, Qian Youji heart not by moving the knife.
  Tang Hailong, and lasted for two days and watched the enforcement, Tian Weng was busy looking for Panther. Tian Weng Leopard: "this may, I rule with two friends,lady gaga beats by dre review, just so you can. "The next morning, Ma Zhishun take talent to start, came in a phone call, answered the phone today with one gone,lady gaga beats by dre review, too. Money by the base looked puzzled and asked, the original Tang Hailong overnight, made a report, urban management Bureau reported to the Bureau of Legislative Affairs. The rule of law by the Board for improper procedures, the City Council to postpone its implementation.
  Yang Zhen Huang didn't say a few words, people called out, got out of the car and marched went up, led by a kick out six or seven meters,lady gaga beats by dre review, has turned down two. Tang Hailong line going up, regardless of severity, all lit up with knife and stick to it. Fear Yang Zhen Huang angry, hurt his life again, busy in the car and drove to.
  Tang Hailong won't stop it, until the next day, it took five or six brothers, will be blocked at the site Office, shouted, "you scared me, who are you Lord, I didn't know that. You split me a square,lady gaga beats by dre review, I'm a square. You take an inch of me, I'm an inch. "Wishing to Li Maner said:" before you go to sleep at night,lady gaga beats by dre review, and say hello to money by the base, and you ask him to go, save groups of useless things wasted a trip. "A group of people called and said. Li Maner's argument, one cannot speak, red head sat on a table in silence. Qian Youji although letters were afraid to lose out on the spot, after Tang Hailong gang left, until nearly noon.
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