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  Look at you, so don't know how to behave. You go back to sleep.
  But I also like to watch a little TV.
  No, today's TV don't look good. Go back to sleep. Grandma wanted to sleep. You wouldn't bother Grandma to bed, right?
  Well, let me, I feel I really ought to go back to sleep.
  Grandma, don't you heat it? I've been hot to sweat.
  No one told me the next day was a hot day. By not watching TV, I did not know this morning I would hot sweat. I woke up and immediately went to my grandmother's place, to receive my poached egg. I shake his grandmother's body,just beats by dre review, she still sleeps in a quilt.
  Grandma didn't answer me, don't even tell me she's breathing.
  Grandma, I feel like eating poached egg. You get up, you're going to tell me where the eggs.
  Grandma remains motionless. This situation makes me not a bit worried. I called my uncle's phone.
  Uncles, Grandma slept till now were not together. And she felt strange. You're going to look at.
  MOM,just beats by dre review! MOM! ……
  Uncle came, I get hungry. After he came, I just wish he could tell me where the eggs. Uncle but seriously,just beats by dre review, he opened Grandma's quilt, a sense of smell filled the entire House at once.
  Uncle's barking. And then he cried. I asked my uncle,just beats by dre review, and why there was this smell?
  Uncle trance, his forehead was sweating. I was very happy, finally, someone had the same feeling as I have, that's the way the day was so hot.
  Uncle but later said a word I didn't know how good. Grandma and uncle died. I really am dumbfounded, I never thought she would die today, didn't think she was going to die. Every day I just worry about those sparrows.
  Why there was that smell? My uncle thought of my questioning. He was nervous, ask me: do you oil yesterday she ate sparrows?
  You didn't put something else?
  Yes, I said, aren't Related Articles:
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