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Day HA, smiled and said: "Oh ... Oh ... might be tea can also be intoxicating feeling of grief! "What a day, it really is one of the four main family home,jual beats by dr dre wireless, really, that has ownership of the material.
Bamboo breeze admire the identity is a little suspicious of new friends from the heart buddies, admire his reaction is so dull and sometimes also impressed that sometimes his reaction is so fast. I make is a worthy good "brother" Ah! "
Lu Xiaoqi interface: "white brother, my little seven-the worship of you is like the rolling waters of the Yellow River in the West, rolling East, even if it only takes a deviation falls down ... ..."
Lu Xiaoqi consider also, smiles on the face cracked with laughter: "or master brothers want to have thoughtful,jual beats by dr dre wireless, my admiration for you ... ..."
Three people wanted to depending on laughed, but day of laugh always with folding fan retaining in before,jual beats by dr dre wireless, bamboo as wind two people also not more care, may this is deep door high brother of due conservation,, he bamboo as wind town grew up, this copies conservation is learn not to of has, Lu Xiaoqi more is since sighs than, while was on in property bamboo Villa Shang two generation of care Xia growth,jual beats by dr dre wireless, was on like property bamboo Villa of half less master, but due to itself problem is learn not to of has.
Lu Xiaoqi talking to Don during the day, said: "no white man in there kitchen? "This guy does not want to show the hands and feet! Of course not, he hit someone's idea is just the beginning.
Lu Xiaoqi said: "master man, white brothers is one of my seven brothers. "He pointed at the bamboo tea like the wind.
Xiaoqi,jual beats by dr dre wireless, General Chapter 12th mystery of the day
Strange is trying to eat during the day, he wants to or not to stir up the bamboo wind desire to want to cook myself, sure enougRelated Articles:
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