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. Zhu did not heavily behind, still a few Ant soldiers defend the minaret. Wu Zhen,is there a warranty on beats by dr dre, Takemoto men is similar, though different clothes,is there a warranty on beats by dr dre, Ant,is there a warranty on beats by dr dre, four soldiers and does nothing. Wu Zhen very timid, will spend a total switch to bang shut. Brake time, Cheong Wa Dae alley, the palace walls are gone, back to old time songzilin the original. Zhu at Bate, bring rhinos, will pass by and to sink a pair of prisoners Dragon rod, Wu Zhen, Wu hit the top of the head, fall and die.
  Li Maner without illusion, Fletcher and Hall are large stone, the road isn't hard to find, soon huiqi shizheng, muhui. Li Maner said: "now lost will never come again. Not to retreat, when struggling to kill. "Four people the spirit of vibrating, with the big rock, straight attack Chu. For flower troupes to restart, still needs time, Zhu Zhao Baigao steeple back to Northwest, himself urged people, interdiction of people such as Li Maner.
  Zhu attract 500 people, slipping step press people such as Li Maner. At this point, Tong Yuhe's crew, brothers, left and two yan and Jia Li Wei, 18 ride also went to eight. Shi Zheng with a SWAT with only eight or nine people. All sides, edges around the stone to go. Jia Li and others were also wounded. Muhui injury cannot take off, urging: "why he has not retired? "Study on youngster words Holland road:" reinforcements shot near the back window, no return. "Just to catch Chu, knows Simon Valley Road, reinforcements had reached, anti-trapped them in stone.
  Li Maner, temporarily out of the stone, see Simon Valley and others,is there a warranty on beats by dr dre, die weremore Xie Jingping,is there a warranty on beats by dr dre, not sad. Li Maner said: "Zhu's team at this time, but 300, already inadequate are infested with vermin, Zhao Baigao steeple back toward the Northwest, Cosmo. "Leaving behind shizheng, muhui with Simon men besieged the Chu Valley, nangong sword strokes, his Tong Yuhe Sha Jinsong, An Guoliang Northwest hunting Zhao Baigao.
  He saw that they were surrounded, with people even washed several timeRelated Articles:
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