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In order to make the readers believe, first walked into his own fantasy world, entered the House, a couple go, trapped in the maze, never be able to find a way out.
Assuming, when King, who themselves into leads, will no longer ignore the reality of what happened, and like true, paradoxically details dramatic life, his love, his hobbies, his career is different, fun bright ... ...
For the sake of readers hooked, every day has to add to the drug component, leave no stone unturned in doing hundreds of weird and odd to portray him the highest and most beautiful adventure.
There is no thought after one day. Readers are tired, yawn, see fantasy sent rookie's confession.
201 Wang
Xiao Wang,how to identify beats by dre fakes, I hear, since you write a column in the supplement, tone, two,how to identify beats by dre fakes, children said, "you watch me write this and that!" The tone a little good will.
Hope you were just joking, and kids day is particularly lacking a sense of humor, but Wang, as a columnist, and such words shall not, say so, almost intimidating, bully bar attack, it is not very fair.
You're not that kind of person. You and I write a column,how to identify beats by dre fakes, because I like to write, on a certain topic, get off my chest, there cannot be free choice of subject matter, stop immediately.
Written purely for writing, not for giving publicity to the commodity, singing something to someone, or the erection of power, called scruples Importunate.
Remuneration already many, expressing feelings, two charging royalties, Ay, also earned a class of readers, not to be evil, revenue has been very lucrative.
Wang, encourage each other.
In recent years,how to identify beats by dre fakes, the sister knew spats like Sun Shu-AO:, Sima Guang, but the career of writing, and, like other industries, score-Thai half landed hard at people, and long term, write it, will be respected, then there are not many people around you have hairs.
202 first ornament
Some people like to wear jewelry, it was not.
Is purely a hobby, wearing good looking or not, property size doesn't matter too much.
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