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 She sighed, lighting a cigarette again: "Jade, I ask you, if you know who your father is, you
 Jade the stone leg onto the sofa is less concerned about "what what? Anyway it was not crying for Dad
 "Yes! You happen to Kaohsiung to see my brother, I'm the only one, he told me not to tell you. "Stone
 She nodded, of course: "why say that? They were the generals, also has a family, says
 Stone narcissus dead silence.
 Yeah, say what? She knew how?
 Thousand rock and she was one of two worlds, when they fell in love when he was a young officer, in the Ballroom.
 Two years later, they were a happy day, but he was a promotion will no longer be trying to find her,
Between them, she knew was out of the question!
 Than anything in his heart on the shoulders of plum blossoms, son, daughter, and married him,
Married to a daughter of an eminent family.
 She also participated in the day of his wedding,how to get fake beats by dre cheap, stomach,how to get fake beats by dre cheap, when she left him, and it wasn't long before he was
And he was born a son, they got back together for more than six months,how to get fake beats by dre cheap, heard his delicate wife almost
This had a nervous breakdown.
 A year later he was transferred, and they haven't seen, in eight or nine months later she gave birth to jade.
 Women are stupid!
 Over the years she has raised her children, and I still own one!
 She knew he couldn't give her everything, and she is willing to have children for him.
 She swallowed tears watching her daughter, jade sitting next to her put his arm around her, gently opening: "brother, I
Knows,how to get fake beats by dre cheap, maybe he will not accept, but it would be nice, he'd still be you
 "I'm not worried about you, I was worried about the thousands of rock that dead guy! How's your brother, don't go looking for him,
 Stone narcissus sighs: "I hope not, if it happens, we'll call it out, I have been Greek
Wang xingyu lay not this thing to say it,how to get fake beats by dre cheap, the kid didn't know what possessed the ... ... Bite ... ... "
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