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. Crush is also standard. Mali·zhuliye, a psychologist told us that a man crush on another man's time, will have at least the following nine wonderful feeling,how long do beats by dre wireless last, if you don't, then you don't think such a passionate seeds.
When we are interested in one of the opposite sex or when you fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, and always want to have physical contact with each other. In real love life, that desire is always there. Sexual arousal is not only, it also contains many other intimate physical contact, such as holding hands, hugging, and so on, these emotions will never be a lover's heart.
2. beautiful feeling
When I was in love, we would find each other the best, even if there are other heterosexual object of love than you look good; but for you, he [she] is the most beautiful, and others can not be compared.
3. dear feeling
When you truly love someone, you'll have a very warm feeling, he makes you feel comfortable, you can trust and rely on him. He's as close as we are a family, and can even be said, more intimate than a family, this is intimacy with a feeling of warmth,how long do beats by dre wireless last, that is dear. Love this country, he would not fault you flaws, because he was willing to accommodate all of your faults.
4. the feeling of envy and respect
A healthy love relationship, should be proud of each other,how long do beats by dre wireless last, we're going to enjoy each other's inner and outer conditions and advantages. And the other is everywhere very proud of us. If we could have this feeling,how long do beats by dre wireless last, whether success or failure, will allow us to enjoy his or her talent.
5. in praise of love
When love, we like to compliment each other, and not just admiring, others like to compliment each other and praise each other's enthusiasm, we can feel very happy.
6. respect for self-esteem
7. the possessive
A healthy love relationship can improve a person's self-esteem. Make people feel valuable and alive, because love makes you feel like you have the uniqueness of unmatched,how long do beats by dre wireless last, although you hRelated Articles:
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