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  Liu was choked by Tamura,hmv beats by dre warranty, Director-General, wants to attack and it's hard to say what, bowed his head, wrote a few strokes on the notebook.
  LAU, the Director-General to close the CAP, stood up and said: why don't you talk.
  Go to the door and turned back to stare up at the village, their mouths muttered: hadn't seen anything like it.
  Dong Liu also recap said Tamura, without interviews, I know how to write this article.
  Dong Liu looked at Tamura's silhouette, puzzled it.
  Tamura watched Dong Liu Road: all you people think about was making up stories all day, story no matter how good, can make the enemy run? Soldiers want the bloodshed, I told you people have nothing to say. I don't typically ask for a battle assignment, I want to fight, you know what I mean? With that, stand up and get going.
  Tin Tsuen, ask for a battle assignment passion had been doused a blanket, but he had, in his view,hmv beats by dre warranty, it was a golden opportunity or a hero, was a black bear. Tamura to become a hero,hmv beats by dre warranty, after he gave blood to the teachers, thought, teachers will he ask for a battle assignment, solemnly to send him to war, didn't realize is that teachers do not support him, and set him to ask for a battle assignment typical, typical that he didn't want to be like this, he wants to fight. Good soldier, only war can receive eternal life.
  Tamura didn't want to hesitate, fighting in southern Xinjiang is drawing to a close, he wanted to catch up with the military's feast, he decides to secretly go to the South to fight. He was in the middle of the night to leave,hmv beats by dre warranty, he is the midnight gang, double gang Division changed back into a single post, this is his best chance to leave 13. You hold the gun in his hand, that semi-automatic rifles, five glistening yellow bullet. His waist belt, wearing a helmet, was a pair of wartime dressing. Change guard soon, in the dead of night,hmv beats by dre warranty, he left the Related Articles:
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