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  Ding Mei told her: "everything is good,fake cheap beats by dre for sale, didn't lose-the chopstick, no less a piece of tile. Just three nerds of the persimmon tree, so I quit. He is not a man! He was found hiding in the sheepfold at night ... ... The persimmon tree, this is your mother, the trustee under the persimmon seed brought from her home, it cannot let this man be insulted ... ... "
  He stood there motionless.
  "Do it, whatever. "She said, head left.
  Ma shuiqing is separated by a LU ', followed.
  The fifth section
  This summer, is a cool summer. Not much breeze,fake cheap beats by dre for sale, but often blew little dust bunnies.
  Since entering the summer, Shu Min's mood is not good, there is not just for the weather. There is considerable uncertainty in the mood of her heart, Willy backlog. -The kind of frustration, which kind of depressed, frustrated, say the plaintive, mixed in-the, haunting her in this summer. Recently, a boy called bald cranes against her.
  Bald do a pair of cranes carefully. The next table of fear bald man crane road bully him, dared not tied. Class is quiet.
  Shu Min had to tell her of the fabled YE Gong who claimed.
  Cranes still bald.
  The girl shouted: "I don't want to! I won't! "By hand, which block, handkerchiefs, dropped on the ground. Then she whining crying at the table.
  "Take you out! "Shu Min's lips were shaking.
  Bare crane, how to stand up, don't look at the Shu Min's face,fake cheap beats by dre for sale, but looking at her breasts, and then passed from Shu Min, greatly out of the classroom.
  It is raining outside. Bare crane and goes to the door of the classroom that big Ginkgo tree the rain under a tree.
  Bald he staggered out. – Not for a minute,fake cheap beats by dre for sale, rain on the big, bald he got some. But who does not hold the sky, an air of a pair of die a martyr's death.
  Bald crane back and crouched down. Shu Minqiang calm lecture, his side will be mud in aRelated Articles:
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