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  Shuguang hospital, according to one doctor,fake beats by dre for sale cheap, woman named Zhou Chunyan (sound), and was taken to hospital where she was in a coma, she left artery had been severed, to save the hospital, the operation was a success. Women's lives are saved, because a lot of blood and slow to recover.
  But after about 5 minutes, he discovered that the woman didn't go, hand in Pocket, shirt pocket permeability and blood. He immediately ran to the woman's side, revealed that the woman looked very pale, eyes closed, and not say a Word. He realizes that the woman might be Upham, and immediately took out the girls ' hands out of your pockets and found a obvious wounds on the woman's left wrist, pouring blood from the wound. Bleeding, he pulled a shoe bite women's arm tightly.
  In fact, Zhou Chunyan is no fool, and she Upham, because of lack of love, lack of air, she can't take it anymore, and get it over with, one dead.
  Doctors say Uncle Zhou Chunyan introduction weeks is people in wangcheng County,fake beats by dre for sale cheap, is an orphan,fake beats by dre for sale cheap, family was very poor, he was brought up by, has recently been talking about a boyfriend, sentimental, but broke apart. Zhou Chunyan was sad,fake beats by dre for sale cheap, often silent, but I never thought she would do such a foolish thing.
  Is poor, she don't even have a power to commit suicide.
  Emotional emergency episode well "SARS" love in the age of environmental protection (1)
  But I do understand her, and believe that: If there is no air of love, Zhou Chunyan was suicidal. So who saved her life, if we really want to save her, is most important at the moment to give her love.
  Sight: human speech cannot "SARS"
  A sudden "SARS" dignitaries and ordinary people feel insecure, do well in environmental protection has become imperative in today's society. "SARS" era,fake beats by dre for sale cheap, people still have to live your life, love between men and women in accordance with its own laws to continue to act as a romantic rose. ButRelated Articles:
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