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. Ten minutes later, the hard work people, she finally saw the boy driving last night. Boys get off, Mary behind him, watching the boys walked into room 312.
  That boy came after more than 10 minutes.
  After dinner, Mary changed her view of the most beautiful clothes---a purple jacket and a long winter skirt and black boots, makeup carefully, she was gratified to see, look at yourself in the mirror, small shoulder bag on his back, appearing in places frequented by driving BMW boys.
  The next afternoon,dr dre powerbeats review, Mary calls He Yuan.
  The car, boy said he called the He Yuan, Department of business administration, who were born in the United States of Chinese. Mary introduced herself. And soon into a taxi outside the County, and Mary in front of the car said, "today, really thank you, know your telephone number? Next time you buy you a cup of coffee. "In this way, Mary easily obtained He Yuan's cell phone number.
  He Yuan to quickly said: "this evening ... ... I don't have time today ... ... "but he was not finished,dr dre powerbeats review, he heard the phone in a quiet breath tone. Mary had already hung up the phone.
  "Today at 10 o'clock at night I am waiting for you at South Gate, make you a cup of coffee. "Mary's road.
  How far I saw Mary, the beautiful people never forget a girl, beautiful,dr dre powerbeats review, sexy, and always will be one of her business cards. He Yuan on Mary's car, black BMW disappeared in the winter night.
  Past nine times. He Yuan sent his girlfriend back to the bedroom, he says to the girlfriend home this evening had something to go back to, turned to the South Gate of the school.
  Mary sat face to face with He Yuan, looked at each other. Mary's eyes, He Yuan,dr dre powerbeats review, she is open to girls.
  Drag racing for half hour, He Yuan said he was tired, Mary is proposed to find a place to drink and rest. Far from being opposed,dr dre powerbeats review, he slowly to drive to a casino, night has a deep, Marie and who Related Articles:
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