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. Monitor of other class often came to complain, says boys ran over to soak in our class girls in their class, got furious with boy in their class, say they want to hit on girls in our class, but never engaged in activities in our class.
  I and Yan Zhang,dr dre beats headphones for cheap, Cao m,dr dre beats headphones for cheap, brother talked it up, took this opportunity to go along with it to ask for money, a whole class of "Kara OK" game. At the same time in order to enhance the enthusiasm of boys participating in our class, I stepped outside to outside of the class asked several beauty over the judges.
  Yan Zhang, Cao m levelled said several handsome judges also are looking for, Oh, I want to find laozhao hands handsome judges as well. Beauty, Wen Xiaxi is definitely preferred, plus I'm familiar with her should be no problem; to provide opportunities for Mitsuishi, I am also inviting Zeng Zimo, and she said if I can get back, you'll come. In addition, I asked Meng Chang to find a beauty the two vocal groups. Of course, class teacher and counselor, as the lead judge,dr dre beats headphones for cheap, would also like to invite, for direction control. Such a strong group of named, greatly increases the attractiveness of Kara OK game.
  "Kara OK" contest scheduled for next Friday night, xinjiekou in the city's best "Hua Xia KTV", is the contact Yan Zhang, said Hall one night, 300, also serve wine fruit bowl. I suspect Yan Zhang got it wrong, because the last time I went to when I see medium rooms Friday night, one hour is 200, beverages not included,dr dre beats headphones for cheap, cannot lobby for one night only 300. Later on I learned that "Hua Xia KTV" background big boss is the uncle of Yan Zhang,dr dre beats headphones for cheap, it's no wonder that cheap, completely is the cost to us.
  Class meeting on Wednesday, I get in the class "karaoke OK" contest to announce it, and all the boys listening to Wen Xiaxi, Zeng Zimo beauties Related Articles:
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