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  Fairies in watercolor-like station mural
  And the subsequent fall of Halo
  Into the asphalt road surface
  By boots trampling
  Makes you feel the tree
  (Do not, and the shoes)
  Were completely deprived of the divine
  Has not even thought
  (Lying on the asphalt doesn't suit)
  Their aura and shine
  Comfortable is the leaves
  These old yellow leaf
  Kneel with blacktop
  Show in front of Holy dying
  Then suddenly it turns into an Angel
  Towards a single atoms
  Scattered fly
  This sarcastic remarks were not true?
  Jury court, Francesca
  It guarded frozen secrets
  I took a few bites of snow-it suddenly appeared a bright seed,dr dre beats cheap gumtree,
  This is stone fruit of sigh, like snow in Moonlight?
  It is not known to the people of the fruits of love
  I hold it, I warm up for it warm
  The naked body,dr dre beats cheap gumtree, and gives it to the warmth of the flesh.
  I planted winter through the heart
  Give it life in a white container.
  Its roots wrap pain around my throat,
  Crystal twigs soaring,
  Red bird drops in the snow fly ... ,dr dre beats cheap gumtree...
  Purple Octopus
  The receiver, I looked out of the window
  I saw a purple Octopus.
  His round soft eyes look at me
  He pulled his mouth tentacles.
  I told him that he made a mistake
  This is not a submarine.
  But he did not listen to me
  Determined to swallow my house,dr dre beats cheap gumtree!
  But he did not listen to me
  Decided to take my house.
  But he did not listen to me
  He decided to have swallowed my muddle.
  Suddenly his arm open mouth
  Around soon enveloped timeless silence.
  As it is permanently frozen land
  Occupation with the dead of night and the North.
  Then I didn't stop laughing, you pick up the phone
  Began to scream,dr dre beats cheap gumtree.
  But suddenly I see, her own
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