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  Construction of the pyramid is the world's most despicable and reactionary, Pharaoh's notion has poisoned the generation after generation.
  People in life are used to elevate the everything, everything is great and noble, like said things very well, shaping the human emotion is great, and I'm in the opposite direction, also put himself in a clown figure, ridiculed,counterfeit beats by dre studio quality, and being trampled on.
  This is my expression of a view of life: equality starting from everyone to think of themselves as a clown, or equal will always be an excuse for operation cannot be performance.
  I could not sleep to discover it.
  In the Harlequin debut novel, I stated: everyone is a transsexual, just as everyone is a comedian. That was my thought of equality, and I to the triumph of equality means human. Instead of getting people's tragedy, trying to climb the great shoulders, relaxing than comedy lost his life.
  One may think that, my creations are related to sexual orientation. In this movie, sexual orientation doesn't matter,counterfeit beats by dre studio quality, sex is the most important.
  My ideal is to give up sex to human culture,counterfeit beats by dre studio quality, gender away. I want this movie as the normal gender conflict. Normal gender stereotypes about men and women,counterfeit beats by dre studio quality, I expressed the fundamental concepts of the movie is: everyone is a transsexual,counterfeit beats by dre studio quality, no man is a man, and no one is a woman.
  I've been questioning, why can't men's breast milk secretion? I also believe that after the culture of men's breasts are castrated become wizened poor.
  For example, the transsexuals of Xiao Bo's father was not physically, but he will want to have once in a lifetime opportunity to let his son call his mom, it's dying moments. To that end, he seems to be waiting for your whole life, he knew that son Xiaobo at this juncture would not refuse him. When Bo calls after the call he craves, he further requested nipples suck his tiny little BoRelated Articles:
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