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. dre headphones, few hear clearly in the distance. I jumped down from the mother backs Chen, ran away as quickly. Snow Daddy hold me, my Cub, where have you been, scared me! snow Papa looked up, and suddenly discovered these MOM standing there, her face changed, and loudly asked me, did Fox do you turn away?
  Ma CHAN did not reply. Snow Papa and about to say something when MOM suddenly said Chen, I didn't help you get child back, but take no responsibility for you, not me. Finished, watching the snow Daddy. I seem to feel these MOM's eyes had a look. But Snow maintained her anger on dad's face. At this point, snow,cheapest monster beats by dr. dre headphones, nose humming a father came from,cheapest monster beats by dr. dre headphones, I can't afford to take responsibility? don't you think your child is going to burn!
  Suddenly, MOM's face blushed like Chen, from red to violet, from purple to black. She says,cheapest monster beats by dr. dre headphones, hate hate you, you strip children one by one, or not do not produce Cubs trying to strip all the kids!
  Not her bitch take your soul,cheapest monster beats by dr. dre headphones, you're going to the River to do? go back with me! the snow Daddy says to pull me away.
  You! you! – MOM and dad came up the snow caught Chen. I was scared and cried, wailed to stall the snow Daddy, his mouth constantly shouting, snow Papa, Mama Chen did not harm me, was she pulled me back from the river.
  Juanjuan, don't you know! River there are many ships decoy too! they turn pretty girls too! along the way, Dad kept telling me that the snow.
  I walked back, watching Chan MOM standing there alone, and felt very sad. Mother Chen is a nice guy, snow, why say these MOM and dad, a lot of things my kids don't know. But mum and I love these. Mother Chen sour turnip radish, sweet wine not only doing well, still fragrant people than dad look good.
  Pretty girl? I asked with his head.
  I was frightened, yelled, snow Daddy, I do not go to the River to play anymore.
  They don't just turn people can also turn pig? they give pigs a few drinks, the pig sleeping like a little cRelated Articles:
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