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  Yu Maozi eaten two fish head, fish, fish soup is left Qian Aidi picked up. From then on, Qian Aidi in Weve militia platoon Office became the educated youth are gathering places.
  River wind blows blow, smoke wrapped in wood qiangren in taste and a smell of fish and fresh fragrance, Qian Aidi fatigued consumer spirits. She get up and get the fish pot in front of it, Hey! Boiling water has turned milky white, no onion, the ginger,cheapest fake beats by dre, oil of any seasoning. Pale fish with her the fish like Shanghai girl intoxicated,cheapest fake beats by dre, she tasted so delicious in the world for the first time the River River fish stew.
  Yu Maozi became truly educated youth leaders, and she'll be glad people are willing to go around him.
  On Mao Ziduan militia row Office desk, with daily Sentinel to Valley and van commune,cheapest fake beats by dre, Minister's telephone instructions. Behind him, white and filled with all kinds of awards and banners hanging on the wall. Birch bark militia platoon captured the Riverside commune militia training competition in first place. Himself as AI Hyun County County-level model worker, he was pleased. There are more happy than that is that his first love with Qian Aidi began, who taught him the greatest happiness in life is love.
  There was a Twitter laughter out of hospital, pushed open the door and come in fat educated is the one who wears her hair. She was wearing a floral Western shirt, a labour washed cotton trousers, a pair of white elastic shoe,cheapest fake beats by dre, looks very handsome. Behind her squeezing her partner, also a number of educated youth in the Tsz.
  Fat school graduates at Yu Maozi shouted: "look! We in the platoon leader was ill, summer or winter wore Dacron drill cadre suit. "They followed up with laughter.
  "Yes! We can eat fish, thanks to the Qian Aidi,cheapest fake beats by dre, Ah! "Everyone laughed again.
  Yu Maozi stood up, this bunch of youths will scatter. Yu Maozi knows that ever since AI to these Hyun County after school graduates in Shanghai, half-breed status imRelated Articles:
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