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"Fine, I'm fine. "Yu wei shook his head,cheapest beats by dre pro, turned around to do their own thing.
Rain, Vera was already near collapse, however, sight have begun to blur, to perspiring body was wrong, but she always wanted to
Colleagues have just finished Chamber established in Hong Kong, pushed open the door and come in – "General Manager here, you go back to the Office
About himself has been busy all morning, as long as you can make it through the afternoon back in the bed and have a good rest – Secretary's Office
General Manager Secretary heard three words, procrastination will not go away,cheapest beats by dre pro, because they know that Gu Hao Tian
Are single,cheapest beats by dre pro, who have the opportunity!
Move the dwindling of blindly follow people walking to the door.
Then, her sight in one moment to the next Gu Hao days of exposure to set foot in the door.
He froze for a moment, her pale face let him ' chest pain '?
Rain Vera to never hear the Director talking about, her trance to see people in the door jam
He had more important work to be done.
Gu Hao Tian at a glance of the eye, cold is like looking at a stranger.
Rain Vera the blood in your body for a moment to sink to the soles of the feet, weak body from side to side without control, and more
She heard Ke Yashan voice shouting his name, before I couldn't understand what she had fallen to hard
The Nineth
She simply lost the fight!
When it was waiting at the hospital, staring at the rain-Wei, pale face, Gu Hao rises steeply.
Thick bandages.
He pursed her lips sat in a hospital bed, watching her hanging, left wrist fracture because of a fall, wrapped in several layers of
"Well-" drugs in the past, Mikania pain woke up the rain.
"All right? "He took her hand and once again feel the slender wrist under the palms, almost vulnerable he
"Hurts-" blinded her, to hear Gu Hao's voice, she is dreaming?
She struggled to get up, but by a pair of strong hands to push back on the bed--"If you want to get mad at me,cheapest beats by dre pro,
You just lay back,cheapest beats by dre pro. "He ruRelated Articles:
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