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  Covered people looked, three four is covered with paving a follower, spreading the don't call, they do not move.
  Chen Feng said Pan Yunfei.
  Put that man did not embarrass Chen Feng, was because one of them asked Chen Feng sentence: where ever you, did you play?
  What's your name?
  Chen Feng.
  Birdeye crouched there, put her arms around the head.
  Chen Feng and triangular eye fighting a lot,cheap monster beats solo headphones, Chen Feng Bowl a stack on the triangle eyes, blood burned my face. Guard cadres came, Stern who shout a question to trouble, everybody just sat report said cadres who are not rioting.
  Break it up, go to bed. Top bunk said.
  Calm in one night.
  Chen Feng was informed the next day, this triangle eye Wen Tianhai, suburbs, allegedly mixing is also famous.
  Chen Feng when digging the trench for the third day, the sky on a Sunday, the streets are a glossy dark green.
  We all sweat and rain, clothes fallen to me, the trench is bent back.
  Front door safe off the dark boys, a pair of sleepy little eyes. Natural hair, white blend sweatshirt, Tall Black wool pants, and black shoes.
  A silver car stopped slant in the water-jet exhaust, who is working to steal, cadres in the rain watching the back against the wall.
  His arm, holding a plastic bag, as can be seen there is a cigarette.
  He walked toward the two cadres, two mobile legs, fix the toe in the mud.
  Cadres,cheap monster beats solo headphones, and my friend here, I'll talk to him. This little teen handed over plastic bags.
  Officials see a glimpse of him, acquiesced.
  Chen feng has stood up and the body, leaning on a shovel, lips smile.
  Di Aiguo,cheap monster beats solo headphones.
  Ah. Di Aiguo said.
  Chen Feng hands as shovels, miso flew up.
  Two people stand in the road.
  Nothing happened, you raise,cheap monster beats solo headphones, they say every 15 days without care, sinking in 14 days. Di Aiguo said.
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