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  However, the one thing in the world, between family,cheap monster beats pro, and who can say clear it?
  Father whenever I listen to two sister said the case, first, then whining crying.
  Two sister said, come on come on, this is what out of it.
  Immediately the father crying.
  After the mother died, the elders, the father is the only family I have.
  Father's dignity in the past have vanished in unable to care for life. Sometimes down to think about it, one's life miserable.
  When the mother just died, I went to visit my father, was just a traditional visit with regards to the father, the son of. Expect a long period of time. Mood changes, and see my mother as a aims from the past.
  Father paralyzed, disabled, unable to answer the phone, or open it for you (he could hear what you said on the phone, but you couldn't understand a word he said. So he stopped answering the phone, lying in bed, at the mercy Bell). So, my pockets provide a key to the father's House. If caught up with two younger sisters to go out is not at home, I can bring their own key to open the door.
  Life is fragile ... ,cheap monster beats pro...
  To my father's House, to go through a busy market. Father used to angangdi through the spring and summer here,cheap monster beats pro, walk through the fall and winter, when he was on the job, and occasionally a car to pick him up, or to go to a meeting, or going to see someone, or go out to dinner ... ... He is always doing to get in or get off doing. Now,cheap monster beats pro, it's all gone, dead water flow away easily.
  Father lives on the third floor.
  Up the stairs, opened the door, my shoes in the hallway shouted saying, it's me.
  Two girls at home, will be out from the kitchen, Sam's coming. See, Dad send shit his pants up, he stinks.
  I laughed and did not take her words,cheap monster beats pro.
  Home or usual, and memories of home without distinction of any kind. Windowsill flowers die, pots are one ofRelated Articles:
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