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  I has are cannot back reminds that a scene is how began, is how ended of, is he wake has I sleeping has long of desire, let I difficult resists itself instinct of things? also is that field prom this is those British of conspiracy game, that in air or wine in the into has psychedelic agent or powder, into has one RaveParty? anyway, day early this morning I sober came of when, I everywhere to found Xiao River, results he has pour in living room of sofa Shang whirring big sleep, also hit with snoring, beside shapeless to lying with many people.
  I woke Xiao Jiang, let him go back.
  Walking in the morning breeze, I'm in the dark, from a girl to a young woman, only a few short miles? over more than 1000 days of first love that they can't go to the other side,cheap monster beats dr dre co uk, just snapped the flurry to blow wind to shore.
  Worse than expected, that's my period so late in the month, near the changhai hospital gynecological examinations, is confirmed pregnant.
  3 days, I trance, also old distracted in class, David's blue eyes and black eyes of Xiao Jiang has been alternating Flash, I find all sorts of reasons not to know about Jiang,cheap monster beats dr dre co uk, I feel sorry for him, because I ruined it man and woman vow of fidelity, the second between us,cheap monster beats dr dre co uk, I can no longer deal with him.
  Suddenly seemed impeccable. At that time, I just turned 20 years old, from small-town girl, naive, innocent, doesn't understand the metropolis fashion the rules of the game, so put in front of me only two roads, one is quietly abortion, and the other is to find the United Kingdom men.
  David left at the end of words make me his Chinese mistress, if abortion is to the hospital.
  I chose the latter,cheap monster beats dr dre co uk, and I went to see him, so naive as to expect him to let me have her baby,cheap monster beats dr dre co uk, I can quit school for the kids; I hope that the first man who explored the mysteries of my body to be my husband. But the man named David when he saw in the garden in front of me, asked me who with wondering eyeRelated Articles:
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