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. Empress Dowager Cixi of any one of them could escape his eye.
  Yang Gonggong laugh in silence.
  "Things go on like this any longer, it must be something big! "Her brows locked and a look of concern.
  Queen Mother nearby.
  "You said you wanted to do? How a Princess to your Majesty give up? "Empress Dowager hastily asked,cheap monster beats diy.
  With that, two people a good laugh.
  Pitched a tent in the square, lay out dug a hole in the table. Full and Queen Mother of an age old man, all beamed, can contentedly make sushi, can make sushi with Empress Dowager Empress, so good, really never dreamed that is!
  Haven't seen the man knelt down, and there were several limbs all shook up.
  Officials also were severe, and it seems that people don't know, really speechless.
  The emperor sat on the Queen mother left; fruit is still sitting on the right of the Empress Dowager.
  Just too late, a group of ladies, assigned seat leads elderly to sit down.
  Bai Yuhan looked around, hoping to find land and little vine silhouette, wasn't thinking, they see a familiar silhouette to walk slowly from the back hallway.
  Jane shows women today dress, her face with a charming smile, hope your Majesty can favour her again. Best to give her a name, who also is good!
  White cold brow slightly wrinkled, not how she came,cheap monster beats diy, life was about to say something to her back,cheap monster beats diy, she spoke slowly: "the King's son--".
  White cold and silent,cheap monster beats diy.
  Jane show women excited, couldn't joy on her face, gently falling white sat in the cold side.
  "The Emperor-" Jane show women quietly cried.
  Look into white jade from the cold side faces,cheap monster beats diy, Jane show female heart jumping around, and then told that one night of passion. It took so long, finally met white in the cold once again.
  Bai Yuhan turned around and looked at her coldly, and did not answer.
  Answers from this cold, Jane show there wasRelated Articles:
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