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  Jiang Min that good look wrong. She thought of the Office to turn expected Yao Mi won't be there, better to the Yao family to see.
  Yao's wife said, "she doesn't come home. "
  She started seeing Yao Mi bike, ask open Shen Ma,cheap headphones like beats by dre, Yao Mi home. Calm, MOM said, "haven't come back yet. "Jiang Min thought they were confirmed, and inconvenience to sit back and go, they go in and say hello to Yao's aunt, said she ain't going to work, put me off with a few words, casually asked," Yao Mi or go back home? "
  Jiang Min thought, don't have to go to the Office, and Xu Yancheng home to take a look. She quit shortly after Yao's wife's House.
  Xu Yancheng came back from Yao, muffled alone in his "the Kennel" lie. MOM answer the door, follow the owner's instructions, saying "not at home". Du Lilin was Jiang Min, and reception. She congratulated Jiang Min a remarkable academic record,cheap headphones like beats by dre, and ask her anything.
  Jiang Min said, "wondering if leaving the Panel. "
  Lilin says, nothing formal, their teams meet regularly, but on Monday morning, they were met at the Office, arranged a week's work. She and Jiang Min chit chat for a while. Jiang Min speech, think the lateness, there was no need to come to the Office to discover. Yao Mi even went to work in the Office at this time, also could not confirm she had no mountain tour. She made up her own investigation-a big secret. However,cheap headphones like beats by dre, she was cautious, without further confirmed that she only does secret.
  Yao Mi said, "understand, understand. But you have to attach the original, also allowed me to learn it. "
  On Monday,cheap headphones like beats by dre, thick as usual,cheap headphones like beats by dre, take a trip to the Office Luo (any other day he used to go around and ask Yao Mi is there anything to do). He went to see Yao Mi is reading his Yao Mi translation, he asked: "read, right? Make sense of it? "
  Thick Rowe smiled and said: "the original precious, is the old man from France brought back treasured private copy of a rRelated Articles:
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