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銆�銆�銆�銆�Staying close to gush forth River and low humidity around Huang LU of pleioblastus amarus
銆�銆�銆�銆�Spring Flower and autumn moon tends to fetch wine, or single tilt
銆�銆�銆�銆�No vomit dumb Twitter folk songs and the village flute knock
銆�銆�銆�銆�Grand lute tonight to hear words such as listening to music ear temporarily out
銆�銆�銆�銆�MO remarks to play a tune for King of the pipa
銆�銆�銆�銆�I sit this long standing chords chords transfer rush
銆�銆�銆�銆�Frigid smell are not sitting forward weep with hand covering the face
銆�銆�銆�銆�Cry up to Jiangzhou, who under Sima in blue shirts wet
Home World yellow
1, the Mayor's murder
銆�銆�Sun after the Chief's body was carried back to the village, parked at his house West side yard. This is where the Sun Village living Office, hanging at the door "mominoki village" sign. Office in the village without a real place, Sun village, tone at home office.
銆�-The collection of White's Changqing
銆�銆�A dispute in the village, the accuser, the accused went to the House. Each five pounds of flour, by Ding Feng tail baked hot cake, the village chief, Deputy Chief,cheap genuine dr dre beats, named Patriarch eat hot biscuits. Pancake pan, resting in the yard.
銆�銆�Now here come the Sun village's shrine. Cover burning paper on the door and the yard has two carpenters in "cracking and spluttering" coffin.
銆�銆�Village chief died, the villagers were mourning. Paper constantly burning, smoke billowing from the yard, like a fire.
銆�銆�Old owner old Sun condolences to sons. He stick to the yard said: "die for large hall,cheap genuine dr dre beats, I give you knock it! "She said,cheap genuine dr dre beats, on the ground,cheap genuine dr dre beats, knocked a header.
銆�銆�Summer collection of land tax, paifu to send fat cattle, raised on keep an eye on entertainment above tolerance, are also in this House.
銆�銆�Road,cheap genuine dr dre beats, dark-aged shopkeeper kowtow, screwed ass knocked a header.
銆�銆�Another large Li Laoxi condolence in the village. Old Lee Hei, othersRelated Articles:
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