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"Well, the idea and it was very good! I truly wish them, willing to take the initiative to quit their sphere of life! "Hou Dao Zhen Yingjie said, and immediately said.
"No, I told you to quit their sphere of life, but rather to let you become a part of their lives! "Zhen Yingjie eyes staring Hou Dao said.
"I don't know what you mean! "Hou Dao Zhen Yingjie staring at him, thought Zhen Yingjie was a test of whether he is really in love with Liu Xin and her daughter, are hopeless in love, playing dumb answers.
"You're not playing dumb! I mean it. I want you to marry Liu Xin,cheap fake dr dre beats studio, Mann Mann's dad! I've been thinking about for a long time,cheap fake dr dre beats studio, found that Liu Xin and Mann Mann loves you and you to them well, your Mann Mann's father, the most conducive to her growing up. Of course, then you will help. Liu Xin's name already has 3 apartments, tens of thousands of accounts. You married her, less struggle for decades, and can take root in Beijing ... ... "said to Hou Dao Zhen Yingjie looks very serious.
"Marquis Island, you don't panic, calm down! All I'm saying is true, a lot of people have no idea! You answered my question. Realistic answer, do you like the Manchester Pullman does not? "Zhen Yingjie hooted Hou Dao said with a whisper.
"Like. "Looked at Hou Dao Zhen Yingjie,cheap fake dr dre beats studio, quickly replied.
"Selection Assistant, I don't know what you're talking about? I'm on a scatterbrain Liu Jie, if I had known she was your woman, my mistress, you beat me to death, I'm not on her bed! "Hou Dao Zhen Yingjie said shocked him, immediately interrupts Zhen Yingjie, say that they feel to it.
"Mann Mann like you don? "Zhen Yingjie problem and asked again.
"Love it! "Hou briefly thought about the island,cheap fake dr dre beats studio, quickly replied.
"Liu Xin like you don? "Zhen Yingjie further asked.
"Talk to me, I said truthfully. If I take into account anything, nor does it ask you this! "Zhen Yingjie Hou Dao didn't answer quickly comforted, he said.
Marquis Island not directly answered,cheap fake dr dre beats studio, gentRelated Articles:
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