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In front of other people before talking about his illness, especially women, so before exiting the room, carefully close the door, left
Jiang Lan took off his gown filled with dust, sit in front of brother wounded pulse.
"I heard you and Breeze Liu Yan for seven days and seven nights, final agreement on reconciliation. "Jiang is also open in winter to ask business.
"Yes." "The smiling Jiang Lan road. Elegant there is no strange faces, and concentrate on palpation. "Second brother,cheap fake beats by dr dre studio,
You though Grand qigong attack, suffered internal injuries, but no big deal, obviously this time do not know through some sort of healing
Jiang Lan Tian was careful to take over, unplug the Cork, a rich floral aroma. "This is Yun elderly
"Is this,cheap fake beats by dr dre studio. "River out of the sleeve mounted in winter with a small vase of flowers Yulu pills.
"Are friends. "Smart and delicate in winter the river looks a bit unnatural.
"Oh? "Jiang Lan day look at brothers in question. "Treasures in the bottle of medicine for you, and is not an ordinary bond
Jiang did not answer this question in winter, but narrow eyes flashed a bit of warmth. "I suspect this and the last time in the Tang dynasty
Slightly recall the day brother Jiang Lan and detoxifying,cheap fake beats by dr dre studio, and said: "most likely, within moments to unlock
"She saved my life twice. "Jiang han said quietly. "Who?" "Jiang Lan days puzzling. Jiang did not answer in winter,
A slight smile, is a very subtle softness.
Jiang Lan sky brother so look, heart amazed as mad Lion,cheap fake beats by dr dre studio, who, however, those familiar with the two personalities he had not
White Tiger back from the hundreds of birds calendar robbed on the first floor in winter, or, as usual,cheap fake beats by dr dre studio, rigorously Hao gate size,
Continue to pursue, because he knows that the river has always been the most trusted him in winter, will one day let him see the grace of the mystery
Kind of just and wise, but, eight brothers feel that something in him, something,
Guy also said that is unlikely.
Agar said this did not mean the rRelated Articles:
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