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. Then this bug has emerged only late, as if to proclaim to all people: the command center has been assimilated by me!
  This is Hou insect of special capacity one--assimilation human, in command center was assimilation of while, inside of human also was has infection, they of body quickly occurred variation,cheap dr dre beats tour headphones, long out has long long of sharp of claw, body in of carbon atomic all was replacement into has Silicon Atomic, skin surface horny of, throughout body appeared has insect family of features, and thinking also was brain insect control. In this way, they became most powerful attacking force in the Zerg--self people!
  Mutated humans who had come from the command center, braving intense gunfire in all directions of the building and the army rushed. Powerful chemical explosive force makes everything they hit everything to dust, tanks, bunkers and turrets, one by one, into the ashes and debris. Blink of an eye, impenetrable defense is being opened up a gap.
  Federal base in a remote corner of the Earth command center also deployed the "Super defense force",cheap dr dre beats tour headphones, while Christophe Dugarry thought it less likely was attacked by Sara Kerrigan, but still, he carefully arranged here and elsewhere of Defense. Bugs did not expect this day of third round of attacks from here,cheap dr dre beats tour headphones, a strange attack only the guardians move, they all rushed to the command center, even in the face of intensive fire block without hesitation. This makes the Christophe Dugarry is a bit strange: they tried to attack command centers do?
The final chapter the Queen of blades
  Once the gap was opened,cheap dr dre beats tour headphones, Related Articles:
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