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Ate breakfast. And by the way,cheap dr dre beats studio headphones, today I have, to visit again this afternoon. "He finally found the reason.
After dinner, the father and daughter together out of the restaurant, daughters have to revert to the matter on several occasions. Father always interrupting all the time. Are no
Suddenly, her daughter found a "red flag" cars parked in front of the Guest House.
"Where," and this time, Zhao Xiping immediately answered her, "why is my car,cheap dr dre beats studio headphones, people specially assigned me a car
"That's it! "The daughter's eyes lit up," my own Commander Xu there, just sitting in your car, ' red flags '
Then daughter really had.
So, all morning, Zhao Xiping to attend to it.
On the encounter, but he did make a mistake twice. He made a few short, only an hour
Declared the meeting closed. There was a team meeting and put forward new issues, according to the habits of the past,cheap dr dre beats studio headphones, he
Will have the patience to study with him or extended meetings, but this time, his team sent in a few words.
Ann. He has his hair cut in a minute later into service,cheap dr dre beats studio headphones, he called and asked if any good movie ... ...
After the meeting, he immediately asked the Secretary to find the driver, when he heard that his daughter is really into you cannot be more sitting and standing not
Before lunch, his daughter back.
"How about you? To complete the task? "He saw his daughter asked.
Daughters do not speak without a smile on his face.
"He didn't talk to you about something? "Zhao Xiping at once steadfast heart of many," the not so simple, Secretary
"Oh? "Zhao Xiping hearts a mess up.
"Dad. "Oh, my daughter's eyes are so hot, really makes him difficult to live with," do you have any idea
“…… Not sure ... ... "
"It's never seen! "Daughter issued a sigh of disappointment from the bottom," you, don't do anything
"Bullshit! "Zhao Xiping at this, suddenly he shook his head, those beautiful shining in his eyes look bad
Sitting on the sofa, eyes are so vague. "Ah,cheap dr dre beats studio headphones, Ah," he sighs, heRelated Articles:
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