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. At a Summit in January 1979, Germany Chancellor strongly protested to President Jimmy Carter, in his opinion, Carter's new "China card" policy will make Moscow, NATO is to create chaos and surrounded by arcs of military hostilities with the Soviet Union, thus worsening already fragile German-Soviet relations.
Policy strategies in New York and London home ready to next implement Malthusianism monetary shocks after the oil crisis, so world balance tilt toward their interests.
In October 1979, at the time of the second oil crisis,cheap dr dre beats replica, Britain and the United States has once again launched another round of devastating financial impact. In August of that year, at the recommendation of David Rockefeller and other Wall Street banks, President Jimmy Carter appointed Paul Volcker as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, in August 1971, he was dollar decoupling from gold leading planners. Walker, the former Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank official,cheap dr dre beats replica, of course, is also a member of Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission, becoming the New York Federal Reserve that the world's most powerful Central Bank Chairman.
Through the establishment and complete "nuclear rose cut flower" decided that the oil crisis and Walker shock therapy has been further strengthened, in the worldwide development of nuclear energy resources alternative to British and American dependence on oil, which makes some people worrying trend was stopped.
Walker succeeded in reaching his goals. Dollars in the Eurodollar market rate rose from 10% to 16%,cheap dr dre beats replica, in a few weeks,cheap dr dre beats replica, when the approximation of rates to 20%, the whole world could hardly believe. As the world economy fell into a trough since the 30, inflation actually is "crowding out". Dollar also began the so-called extraordinary five-year rise.
Since 1977, the White House has failed to exert strong diplomatic and legal preRelated Articles:
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