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  Wu smell face worried watching the pale white ink, "Mexico Captain hurt less heavy"
  Various factions have been invited, but he rescues his master from suffering, but, so far, none of the sects, it's none of the gold surface.
  In order to protect the Northern exclusive Styx, mobai external North of the Golden mask of the title describes the exclusive Styx, Golden mask, martial arts who is not who's going to care, is white ink only he's famous friends until he shot saved kongtong masters in the martial arts Assembly, Golden son first appeared on the world number two.
  "Master I'm flattered," Northern underworld exclusive touch of mouth, change ink white gaze.
  "What's wrong? "Ask, mobai just shook her head to his Holiness.
  Receive Wu heard of sight,cheap dr dre beats earphones, mobai light lighter throat, "his Holiness ..."
  Mobai North exclusive Styx didn't think to say such modesty, it's not like his style, even when memory loss, North of exclusive Styx is the same way.
  "You'll get a thorough understanding Abbot detoxification awhile? "Took the Cup in your hands,cheap dr dre beats earphones, full of talk.
  "Uh ..." for white ink poured a glass of tea, his Holiness look to the people who have something to say.
  Eyes, white ink looked North exclusive Styx's eyes one moment of absence, moved north exclusive Styx sight,cheap dr dre beats earphones, stood up, "Wu Wen master, come on"
  "His Holiness ..." mobai opening call to the door man, mask of gold glitter ink white invisible North light exclusive Styx fundus the mood.
  "What you want, I will finish it for you" lips hinder open, vowed to quietly exit, North of exclusive Styx turned and walked out of the room, but left his face alarmed and panicky white ink.
  "Mo Bai brother, moved to lost soul" get ink white bed,cheap dr dre beats earphones, Qiu Yu face moving from t.
  "You kids" Bai Qiu Yu a look, mobai not finished, he heard the Qiu Yu protested.
  "Who is the kid,Related Articles:
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