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. Finished peeling the walnut,
Chang hen GE · part II
Ten points, Wang Qiyao Cheng to leave,cheap but real dr dre beats, when he went down the stairs, ever heard ringing through the back door, just check the doors and Windows, wash
The fourth chapter
14. Delivery
Stood up, a touch the glass on the ground and broke into pieces,cheap but real dr dre beats, also forgot to pack up. Mr CHENG is scrambling to get to
  On this day, ride after work to Wang Qiyao,cheap but real dr dre beats, seeing that she looked pale and disturbed, lying,
A tricycle, holding her down, went to the hospital. Hospital pain better, Mr CHENG is just out to get something to eat
Cooking dinner. Go back to the hospital,cheap but real dr dre beats, one was in the delivery room, at eight o'clock in the evening it gave birth, was a girl, said to be a
Womb full head of black hair, hands and feet long. Cheng must think: what she was like who? Three days later, Mr CHENG
Wang Qiyao and her daughter out of the hospital, at the alley, naturally attracted many eyes. Mr CHENG earlier in one day Wang Qiyao
Mother, set up a shop on the sofa, very carefully prepared toiletries. Wang Qiyao mothers without
Statements, Mr CHENG is busy, all of a sudden said something: ride if the father would be nice. Mr CHENG East
West could not help shaking the hand of, what he wanted to say, throat hard, swallow, and you don't know what to say,
Loading did not hear him. Wang Qiyao home, her mother has been simmered chicken soup longan and Red jujube soup, no anything
Handed to her, without looking at the kid's eyes, should just this man. After a while, door-to-door visits,
In the alley is, usually are only on nodding terms is not current, it is all coming out of curiosity. See the baby,
Keeps saying this straight like Wang Qiyao, heart, guess who the other half. Cheng went to the kitchen get thermos bottle to guests
Add water and meet Wang Qiyao mother one man standing in the dusty window, quietly wiping tears. Mr CHENG think
Her mother,cheap but real dr dre beats, snobbery, the paRelated Articles:
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