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  Long Highland North of the forest, located about two kilometres northwest of lang son, composed of 13 Highland from North-South. Gradient of the Highland 30~45du, weeds, and bushes on the mountain. Mountains of lang son in the East, westward to restore easy road, KY cung song on West and South sides of wrap. Heights building has trenches, masking,cheap beats by dre wireless, field guns and twin bunkers, trenches on the main positions and trenches and moats are connected with transportation, is one of the lang son enemy troops on the defensive perimeter defenses.
  On March 1, the cloud fog thick, the rumble of gunfire and scores of 1 Battalion soldiers road, line long heights East, North of enemy troops on the defensive in my under the ferocious attack, alter, just a mess, I keep duozhan 5 heights.
  2 battalion strengthened 100 mortar company, 82 recoilless gun 2nd row,cheap beats by dre wireless, focus on major military weapons, Highlands, Highlands, to the 13th,cheap beats by dre wireless, 4, implementation of the main assault,cheap beats by dre wireless, with forces from the 1th Highlands West and North of the attack. Wiped out, 1, 4, enemy of the Highland region, thereafter to the Highlands development, 10, attack.
  King boat slowly opened his eyes, with a feeble voice says: "before ... ... ... ... The enemy, go ... ... The eradication of ... ... He ... ... Gentlemen! "Just, shut my eyes in peace.
  6 continue to 8th heights development,cheap beats by dre wireless, were enemies of the Highlands, 8, firepower heavy shooting, door 1 recoilless guns, 1 heavy machine gun is broken, the impact of blocked. Even the rapid twists and turns until the 5th row 2 Highlands in the West, took over the high ground.
  Scream that shook the mountains, Pierce enemy's guts. With this sound, 4 monitor Wen Shuijin sprang from the floor, holding assault rifles rushed, gunner Su Shian, Yong Kang grip light machine guns rushed out, 2 rows of soldiers desperately rushing.
  After 30 minutes of fighting, 6 2 row Related Articles:
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