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. Xi Lou
Sitting exposed as Jeong's eyes. Xi Louzhen peach tick. Sometimes careless, smooth character
Jane isn't satisfied with her everything, including her clothes, her dress, her boyfriend that they couldn't be
Is a kind of torture for her.
 Over time, they are more familiar with,cheap beats by dre studio wholesale, feelings were becoming more profound. Her gentle solution language Xi Louzhen
Huan, Xi Louzhen the bright bright personality has taught her envy. Many people wonder how these two
Diametrically opposed personalities of people will form a buddy? But they are together again.
Care for almost every possible way. Her home in the South, sometimes the holiday Festival, Xi Louzhen pulled her toward home
 A few years later, their relationship than sisters, especially Xi Louzhen, she was an only child, her
As regards,cheap beats by dre studio wholesale.
 In one case,cheap beats by dre studio wholesale, a philandering basketball player while chasing her and Xi Louzhen, who each thought the other was like
Run, don't let her alone in the dormitory eating instant noodles. Xi Jia two old love, also took her on as her own woman
Basketball teams have boasted about what one can do before – "Xi Hua dual-Shu" to get both. After she and Xi Louzhen know
Themselves, but also in order to fight about it, the cold war for a week. Who knew that fucking guy in the entire
Team, where I put up with this kind of insult?
More than gas. Xi Louzhen already is a hegemon in the school at the time, officials already under skirt hordes
Leave her alone, or can't teach him to play basketball. She cried in the dormitory at the imaging of tears,cheap beats by dre studio wholesale,
 She took a group of men rushed into the Varsity basketball team, slapped it in front of all masters and slap,cheap beats by dre studio wholesale, but also threatened him
Can't live without. Xi Louzhen back to the hostel, to hold her tears, sad to say: we can no longer
Don't men brawling. We are sisters, no matter what the future, whatever you become
Look, I love you. Men can have none, but the sisters may not, okay?
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