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He Qin was assured, and experienced some happiness from the assured.
Apple store is a three-tiered fashion Hall, is the largest fashion retail shopping malls in this area. Lobby on each floor
600 sqm, ascents form are hangers. Stewardess fashion sample at their booth for sale,
Standing in front of the hanger of a pier table, smoothing its long neck, otherwise, you find them hard to fashion.
He Qin Miss love to see those services and do not like to see fashions on the racks.
Ding Li says He Qin, don't miss those, they're trying to seduce your money, not tempt you.
Yesterday He Qin pocket the wages 50% in a subway station was almost being grilled. He Qin unconsciously touch
The stewardess.
Touch left trouser pocket, found there to kick took one look and audacity that turn the eye lashes, makeup before porn
New suits you? The Hend's suit is new, imported fabrics, exquisite workmanship, you can try. Says
To fetch samples on the shelves,cheap beats by dre studio red. He Qin tag favor fled. Written on the label is $ 1600.
Ding Li come up from hanger Vanessa Shoppe in Mongolia, said has come out with two models, only two or three days,cheap beats by dre studio red, according to the
Metro makes insane,cheap beats by dre studio red.
Speed, we see once a day in the future. He Qin thought, it's worse, he is bound to seem rude, by Bull
Can you remember it,cheap beats by dre studio red? He Qin asked Ding Li.
Why not. Leader one piece 498, Vanessa monk Suite 567, Baxter law 479 wool skirt, silk hedge
Shirt 308, Lida 238 buckskin cowboy coat ... ...
OK, OK,cheap beats by dre studio red, I'm really suits you. He Qin sincerely amazed by Ding Li extraordinary memories on commodity retail price.
Ding Li in the unit is leading the fashion authority. All information comes from her every three days, and He Qin
A blind date fixed procedures-in the Mall. She's the best market researchers.
As I said before, Ding Li seldom really buy fashion or other fashion items. Truly have one or only once,
Formal tenure is to be unlimited.
Colleagues are publishing commodity market information.Related Articles:
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