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  Young Pei-Pei look in his face, said: you don't excited? Liao Shen-Tien said it have nothing to exciting, isn't that what a Christmas letter.
  Liaoshen don't want to argue with her, waving his road: and you, all right.
  Young Pei-Pei rush: now I know, son and MOM hearts of his first letter, but sent it to me, what does that mean? In his mind, it is important for my mother.
  Dear son: MOM Gets a letter. The moment you leave the House, MOM suddenly found that MOM loved you so.
  On those days, Young Pei-Pei's mood has a lot of changes. Liaoshen are asleep at night, she also wrote for his son under a lamp, opened several heads in a row, are not satisfied with,cheap beats by dre studio green, she crumpled paper into a ball, dropped it on the ground. The last bite, bursts into tears, finally writing the letter:
  Part of your mother's life,cheap beats by dre studio green, MOM, can't live without you ... ...
  Son and mother wants you want night or during the day, is the night thinking about it. People are saying, the child is mother's heartstrings, uncomfortable, bad MOM too. Your father would also like you,cheap beats by dre studio green, do not say between his lips, but I can see it. MOM and dad are looking forward to you, not to discredit our, your dad is Vice Commander, and he wanted her children to have promise, MOM and dad do credit to ... ...
  Young Pei-Pei wrote a letter here, had a few tears, she can't control her own, the mere mention of my dear son is going to be crying, tears on her side, read:
  Liaoshen Miss as far as 13 master's son. Hanging on the wall in the Office of the army force protection, when to stop and, before he used to walk to the wall chart, looked at 13 locations to stun. He strode away to the desk phone,cheap beats by dre studio green, grabbed the phone, and down. This time, he finally could not resist, and rushed to the operator said: ' 13.
  Call is ready, his heart gave a shake, he used often and 13 call,cheap beats by dre studio green, indicating this, features that, never had that feeling. He has lost some daRelated Articles:
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