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  Remember the day is September 19, 2001, programme presenters are Qu Xiangdong.
  Response, I think Australia is very interested in Chinese.
  Second program is the Central ten of my interview, a 60-minute program.
  Third programs are central two, namely CCTV economic channel on March 5, 2002 "business artists".
  I'm focused on, and I Aust-Group's business strategies and development of culture and I Aust-General design and planning for the future of the group.
  Central leadership, anyone?
  This year, want the Chinese side to be mean to me back in prior years ' loss of reputation, I attended the World Chinese entrepreneurs Convention returned to Australia shortly after, received the National Federation's invitation,cheap beats by dre pro for sale, the central leadership would like to meet some outstanding overseas Chinese representatives, opened a small area of the Forum.
  This is a very important opportunity because there were only 12 Chinese merchants,cheap beats by dre pro for sale.
  Only 12 people participating in the Forum. Soon,cheap beats by dre pro for sale, we were told, to speak to us as national leaders Hu Jintao. We all know that Hu Jintao, China's fourth generation of leaders, soon to be the post of President and the post of Secretary of the CPC Central Committee. So we're all very excited.
  In my speech, Hu continued recording,cheap beats by dre pro for sale, I told my story, Hu Jintao Vice Chairman asked me, CCTV can be seen in Australia, please?
  I was make a 20-minute presentation at the Symposium. In order to prepare this statement, I think for a whole night. I think I must not only talk about the o position,cheap beats by dre pro for sale, on the Australia Group had had about enough these days. China's future at the helm who want to know more, bigger overseas. Early this morning, when I was ready the next day to report content.
  Him with her head, and wrote down my answers. He shook my hand when talking, I feel he is very approaRelated Articles:
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