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. Her birth and upbringing made it impossible for her to let guests sit so muffled, she recorded the song at this point to let his daughter to take to put that to everyone,cheap beats by dre colors, at least respect among her guests.
No one really notices the concert. A bunch of loud, obtrusive,cheap beats by dre colors, and sonorous sound of ringing in the room when the Commander and Shi lianzhi conversation about old maritime career is not over. Commander's wife was a waitress to give us the guidance on coffee.
No recorders. Lodged in a playback machine to come give it a try, you missed. Rhine insisted the Commander's Secretary and travelling with his father's residence and a recorder with four speakers to move over. Debugging for a long time, one without going to the concert really start.
"Rhine, what is this? "General up and asked a question with some difficulty.
But suddenly all the voices it calms down. Commander, Jiao Tong, Jiang Bai ever widened eyes, face took on a look of doubt. They soon turned to amazement. And with that a commander and Jiao Tong both faces are invariably red.
He has recognized this is what piece, but not immediately sure, because it has a lot of variations.
"To tell you the truth, I would also like to ask this question. "Coke and the efforts to curb inner excitement, said.
"Please do not praise me. I played poorly. "She said.
Rhine proudly over the following one.
"I also asked this question,cheap beats by dre colors. "Jiao Tong said.
Haiyun happiness on his face fade a lot, instead of them were a little surprised.
Jiao Tong's Adam's Apple tremble. He saw a glimpse of the Commander.
"Not only have I heard. I also know who is the author,cheap beats by dre colors. "He said.
Commander tried to say something,cheap beats by dre colors, took a look at his eyes, and let him go on.
Jiao Tong turned snow white, her face from red to white.
Not snow, but haiyun first showed the shocked expression on my face. She stood up from the sofa.
Rhine unbelievable turning his own father and mother.
"How is this possible? I found it in our home study--"
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