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. Was young, heads, but the 33-year old appearance, but 66 years of age. Once the first, marks a girl growing up in my family, can't play, learn to laugh their teeth, still skirts skills, working on the apron and tie a small brush washing a Pan fry cook, there's nothing to do at work, good for his marriage to raise capital.
  She and Xue's do not match, like the "bad hair wearing the clothes of Bai Ling, on sunflower leaf round curls, clumsy words written on red paper, poor people under home snow, Moon light in there ... ..." but she is not sad. This girl seems to lack "sentimental" chords. Also, since my graduation from the decoy House,cheap beats by dre blue, no longer twilight scolding aunt Xue and a kind person, apart from the gossips something no other problems,cheap beats by dre blue, hurts Xiangling, Xue told her many times, she refused to give up her son, no matter what the future, her current situation must be very satisfied.
  I think aunt Xue Xiang ling, is nothing but a vigorous atmosphere, talking, shiny objects, and charitable-hearted, nor as a Xiang Ling when full protection, stretch out your hand to rescue Xiang Ling out of the fire. Would not say, "son,cheap beats by dre blue, I think you don't deserve Xiangling, Xiangling we placed out and keep her as a slave,cheap beats by dre blue, and restore her freedom. "Or else," let Xiangling Baochai baigan, sisters, I treat her like a daughter, sending her wedding in the future, I also gave her a bountiful dowry. "
  Aunt Xue is not a goddess, is not now certain directors of Cao Xueqin, bizarre plot to to move up.
  Xiangling certain to marry Xue,cheap beats by dre blue, the wedding night was embarrassed to death. Mr big big eyes fool beads, stream greedy dribble, small Shang ling pathetic cowering under a red candle. Since then, Pan head wear a rose green, she's a little lady.
  Xiang Ling was killed once again, buried deep in the dust of fate.
  So, aunt Xue is a kind man and refused to treat ungenerously Xiangling, however, she was not a real good, at best a stupid man. KnRelated Articles:
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